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The Survivors

Despite the terrible death toll, Cawnpore was not without some survivors. The list is small but at least it exists.

Shepherd puts them in 2 categories, those who were in the entrenchment and escaped and those who never went to the entrenchment and managed to escape.

Survivors of the Entrenchment

Mowbray Thompson

Lieutenant Mowbray Thompson
Lieut. H. Delafosse
Private Murphy
Gunner Sullivan
Mr. W.J. Shepherd
William Jonah Shepherd

Amy Horne and her siblings.
The picture was probably taken in Cawnpore in 1857.
Her siblings were killed at Satichaura Ghat.

Miss Ameila Horne - she was taken away by a sowar from the Satichaura Ghat and after 10 months in captivity, managed her escape. Later in life she married William Bennett and settled in Calcutta. 

Miss Eliza Morrison, one of the Free School Girls, since joined her parents in Dinapore
Mr. T. Farnon, of E.I. Railway
Mrs. Murray
Mrs. Hannah Spiers, wife of Band Sergt., 5rd NI
Miss Eliza Spiers
Miss Isabella Spiers
Miss Matilda Spiers
Master Fred Spiers
Miss Amelia Spiers, aged 14, taken away from Satichaura Ghat and not found.

Bradshaw, Eliza,  Mrs. widow (56th NI)
Bradshaw, Mrs., and 1 child Emelia
Bradshaw, Mrs., and 1 child, Ellen

Letts, Elizabeth, widow (56th NI)
Letts, 2 children, Caroline and Rachel
Mary Ann, ayah to Mrs. Greenway, escaped on the 27th of June and remained hidden in the city.

Khoda Bux, Jemandar, 56th NI
Elshee Bux, Sepoy, 56th NI
Gobind Singh, Sepoy, 56th NI
Sahib Dad Khan, Native Doctor, 56th NI
Mitter Jeet, Sepoy, 56th NI
Mahomed Gous, Sepoy, 56th NI. He was sent out on the 23rd of June to gain information and remained hidden in the city until the 17th of July.

Residents of Cawnpore who did not go into the Entrenchment and Survived

Abel, G., Pensioner
Abel, Mrs., and 2 children
Buttress, Thomas, Pensioner
Buttress, Mrs.
Brown, Margaret, Mrs., and child
Forrester, William, Pensioner
Farnon, Ambrose, Mrs.
Greenway, Charles, Mrs., mother of Mr. Samuel Greenway, Merchant. Owing to her old age, she was not killed but "received much annoyance from the rebels."
Ireland, J., Pensioner
Ireland, Mrs.
Jones, Stephen, Mr.
Jones, Mrs.
Jacobi, Isabella (wife of William Jacobi)
Lowther, Mrs., and her sister Eliza
Maling, Margaret, Mrs.
Maling, Thomas, her son
Maling, Edward, her son
MacMullen, Mrs., and child
Miss Hay - "an aged person"
Reid, W., Pensioner. Escaped to Allahabad
Reid, Mrs., and three children, escaped to Allahabad
Waterfield, Mrs., and child
Williams, Edward, escaped to Lucknow
Native Christians:
James John
Joseph, his wife and children
Ebenezer Gunput, Emanuel and his famil.

One woman who has not made it to any of these lists, is Helena Angelo, the wife of Lt. Frederick Cortland Angelo of the 16th BNI. They had only recently arrived in Cawnpore, in May 1857. Initially, Helena, who was pregnant, and her two daughters went to the entrenchment but her husband was sufficiently skeptical of the whole arrangement, that he insisted his wife and children accompany a Mrs. Volk to Calcutta. On the 28th of May, Mrs, Angelo, her children and Mrs. Volk left Cawnpore. They were probably the last people to safely have left Cawnpore before the outbreak. An account of her travails are available at the Muir family website:

Frederick remained behind at Cawnpore and was killed at Satichaura Ghat. 

MEMORIAL TABLET, All Souls Church, Kanpur.
Sacred to the memory of LIEUT. FREDERICK CORTLAND ANGELO 16th Grenadiers. B.N.I. Superintendent of the 4th division Ganges Canal who fell in the Mutiny at Cawnpore on the 27th June 1857 in the 32nd year of his age "Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." St John XI 25. This tablet is erected by his sorrowing widow.

Names of those who are said to have perished outside of the entrenchment

I have included this list from Shepherd's book although I have no way to say how accurate it is. It might be of interest to those who are searching for their ancestors and have been unable to find them in the other lists of the dead.

Auchin,Chinaman, Shoemaker      12th June

Carter, Joseph, Mr.                        10th June
Carter, Mrs. and infant                   17th June
Clooney, Drummer                          7th June

DeGama, I.X., Merchant                10th June
Duncan, John, Mr. Road Supdt.     10th June

Green, Pensioner                             8th June
Greenway, Rose Anne, Mrs.,        
Greenway, Edward, Merchant 
Greenway, Mrs. and a little girl
Greenway, Francis, son to above
Greeanway, Lean and Martha, daughters to above

Hollings, Captain                            9th June
Haman, Indigo Planter,                  13th June

Jacobi, Henry, Watchmaker           10th June
Jacobi, Mrs.
Jacobi, Henry, Lucy and Hugh, children of above
Jacobi, William, son to above (grown up)

Maling, G.W. Mr.                              8th June
Maling, John, Mr.                              8th June
Mackintosh, C. Merchant 
(aged 64 years)                                8th June
Mackintosh, D., Mrs.
(aged 57 years)                                 8th June
Mackintosh, Joshua son to above
(aged 25 years)                                8th June
Maloney, Pensioner                          7th June
Marshall, Mrs.                                  7th June
Murphy, Mr. (Railway)                      5th June

Waterfield, Mr.                                 10th June
Walker, A. Mrs
(aged 65 years)
Walker, Daniel, Master

The Walkers were taken about the 5th of July and placed in the ladies prison, and killed on the 15th of July.
Williams, Mrs., wife of Edward Williams, House proprietor, killed with her 3 children on the 10th of June

Shepherd mentions "several others whose names are not known" but cites their stories on pages 21 and 33 of his book.

Two Europeans (Conductor and Sergeant) with Magazine Boats.
Fulow, Joseph, Mr., left of Allahabad and was killed
Fulow, Sarah, Miss, left for Allahabad and escaped

For the story of Captain Hollings, please refer to The Exotic Life of Captain Hollings


For further information about the Greenway family, please refer to


Victims of Cawnpore, Musicians of Native Corps and their Families

Musicians of Native Corps and their Families

Bullard, John Drum-Major
Hatch, Benjamin, Fife-Major
Warcoat, J.C., Bugler
Offenback, F.E. Drummer
Offenback,  John, Drummer
Offenback, Eliza and 4 children

Bullard, T.
Bullard, John
Money, R.D.
Philip, John
Mendes, Henry, escaped
Pareira, J.
Allen, W.
Allen, G.
Hook, B.
Moore, J.
William, A.
Todrick, W.A.
Todrick, Jane

Peters, Sam, Drum-Major and family
Toone, Joseph, Fife-Major

Elliott, H.
Elliott, C.
Elliott, W.
Elliott, L.

Spiers, David, Band Sergt.
Spiers, H., Mrs. escaped
Spiers, Eliza, Miss, escaped
SPiers,  Amelia, escaped
Spiers, Isabella, escaped
Spiers, Matilda, escaped
Spiers, Fred, Master, escaped

Spiers, J.
Toone, J.
Peters, S.
Arthelone,  P.
Sarges, C.

56th Regiment, NI

Alburke, J., Drum-Major
Mearse, A.G., Fife-Major
Alburke, J Drummer
Alburke, H., Drummer
Bradshaw, Eliza, widow, escaped
Bradshaw, Robert, Drummer
Bradshaw, Mrs., and 1 child, escaped
Bradshaw, John, Drummer
Bradshaw, Mrs., and 1 child, escaped

Peters, John
DeCruz, J.
John, B.

Letts, Elizabeth, widow, escaped
Letts, John, Drummer
Letts, Eliza, Mrs, severe injuries received on 27th June and died 3 days after
Letts, Caroline and Rachel, children of above
Massey, F., Drummer
Murray, John, Pensioned Drum-Major
Murray, Mrs., escaped

Murray, Benjamin
Pckhoo, John
Pybah, R.